Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Roger Eberts opinion on Taken is very understandable. On one hand he thinks it’s not realistic at all. He does think how ever that Liam Nesson (the lead actor in the film) did a great job playing the roll of Bryan Mills. I have to agree that it isn’t really that realistic in some scenes but it’s a movie not a real life story. I think that Liam Nesson really brought Bryan Mills to life. I think that Roger did put some thought into the base of the story line though. He wondered if the bad guys in the movie that kidnap younger girls and addict them to drugs, prostitue them and sell them really happen in real life. Which I also thought of too. In the end the Roger agreed that if you like action movies you’d love this movie. I really like that I could get into this movie and it honestly is a great action film 

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