Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Five-Year Plan

If I could plan my life from 2011 till 2015 and go as planed I would want it to turn out like this. For the rest of 2011 after spring break I am determined to look and get a job.  I plan on finishing up my junior year on time and have all my credits caught up. By the time summer has arrived I am hoping that I have found a job and I can start looking for places I can rent from.

For my senior year I need to find an area to live close to school. I would love to go back to the first High School I started at, Trabuco Hills. I think it would be a great place to graduate from. After senior year is over I plan on meeting up with my friend Hailey  and finding a bigger place to rent from. We then would split the cost for everything. We would both attended community college at Saddleback Valley Community College in Mission Viejo. Hailey and I are going into the same career together and so we would both be helping each other study to become nurses. I would also love to take photography class because i am so passionate about it.

After two years of community college I then plan to transfer to a UC college. I am hoping I have a great job and that Hailey and I are making the best of wherever we live and make it on our own. After five years are over I know ill probably still be in college working to get my degree. I will also be turning 21 so I am hoping that maybe I could take a few days off and go celebrated my 21st birthday somewhere fun. 

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