Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Roger Eberts opinion on Taken is very understandable. On one hand he thinks it’s not realistic at all. He does think how ever that Liam Nesson (the lead actor in the film) did a great job playing the roll of Bryan Mills. I have to agree that it isn’t really that realistic in some scenes but it’s a movie not a real life story. I think that Liam Nesson really brought Bryan Mills to life. I think that Roger did put some thought into the base of the story line though. He wondered if the bad guys in the movie that kidnap younger girls and addict them to drugs, prostitue them and sell them really happen in real life. Which I also thought of too. In the end the Roger agreed that if you like action movies you’d love this movie. I really like that I could get into this movie and it honestly is a great action film 

Friday, April 8, 2011


SchoolTube - Paramore-Brick By Boring Brick

The videos name is called Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore. I like this video because I think that the lead singer Hayley Williams and the band are fantastic. I really enjoy listening to this song. It kind of reminds me of a darker fairytale. Also watching this music video is very entertaining and pretty. They’re so much going on and it’s so creative. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Dream School

After high school I would like to attend University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). I want to go to UCLA because they have a great nursing program. I feel that I could learn a lot from them by attending their school. They have so many people supporting and giving moneys to help them teach their students to learn about science anatomy and other things to help you into the medical field

UClA has a big campus. It has such beautiful buildings and the kids just look like really enjoy being at that school. There are so many academics to choose from too. I feel that if I wanted to change my major that I know I would have plenty to choose from.

I know for a fact that if I were to be accepted to UCLA I would feel very lucky and happy! I think that UClA would help with my future job. I also think that I will learn a lot from this school to help me further in the future.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Five-Year Plan

If I could plan my life from 2011 till 2015 and go as planed I would want it to turn out like this. For the rest of 2011 after spring break I am determined to look and get a job.  I plan on finishing up my junior year on time and have all my credits caught up. By the time summer has arrived I am hoping that I have found a job and I can start looking for places I can rent from.

For my senior year I need to find an area to live close to school. I would love to go back to the first High School I started at, Trabuco Hills. I think it would be a great place to graduate from. After senior year is over I plan on meeting up with my friend Hailey  and finding a bigger place to rent from. We then would split the cost for everything. We would both attended community college at Saddleback Valley Community College in Mission Viejo. Hailey and I are going into the same career together and so we would both be helping each other study to become nurses. I would also love to take photography class because i am so passionate about it.

After two years of community college I then plan to transfer to a UC college. I am hoping I have a great job and that Hailey and I are making the best of wherever we live and make it on our own. After five years are over I know ill probably still be in college working to get my degree. I will also be turning 21 so I am hoping that maybe I could take a few days off and go celebrated my 21st birthday somewhere fun. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter of Recommendation

April 1,2011

Mr. Walske
Computer Teacher
Back Bay High School
390 Mon Vista Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Dear Mr. Walske:

 After observing Aliza Alvarado fort many years I’ve noticed great quality in her working ability. At times she can be distracted but when it really counts she knows when to stop fooling around and be a hard worker. She’s hardly ever absent or late. She always like to go above and beyond on projects and homework. You can always count on the fact that that what you assign will always be turned in

From my understanding aliza would like to follow a career in the medical field. She informs me that she’s debating on become a nurse or ultra sound technician. Not only is Aliza good in science but she shows that she is very interested and enjoys studying science to. Like I said previously she’s a great people person and I think you need that quality to become a nurse and I think she would be great at it. Either career she eventually chooses she would enjoy. 

I know for a fact that Aliza is determined to finish high school on time and with As and Bs. Aliza wants to attend a community college for 2 years. She then wants to transfer to a UC college and continue studying to get a degree. I have a lot of faith in her and I know she will do wonders in whatever she choose to do. You would be lucky to have her working for you.


Aliza Alvarado

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Favorite Thing

Photography has to be my all time favorite thing right now.
There are so many reasons why photography is so great! 
The main reason why I love photography though is because It captures moments In life the are enjoyable. 

Its a way of going back In time to see all the memories of important events.

Not only can you take pictures but you could turn photos into art.

Theres so many diffrent ways of using photography.
If taking pictures of scenery or art Is boring you could always take pictures of 

 or famous stars 

Theres so much variety In photography.
I think thats why Its my favorite thing because theres just so much diffrent ways of using It.