Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter of Recommendation

April 1,2011

Mr. Walske
Computer Teacher
Back Bay High School
390 Mon Vista Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Dear Mr. Walske:

 After observing Aliza Alvarado fort many years I’ve noticed great quality in her working ability. At times she can be distracted but when it really counts she knows when to stop fooling around and be a hard worker. She’s hardly ever absent or late. She always like to go above and beyond on projects and homework. You can always count on the fact that that what you assign will always be turned in

From my understanding aliza would like to follow a career in the medical field. She informs me that she’s debating on become a nurse or ultra sound technician. Not only is Aliza good in science but she shows that she is very interested and enjoys studying science to. Like I said previously she’s a great people person and I think you need that quality to become a nurse and I think she would be great at it. Either career she eventually chooses she would enjoy. 

I know for a fact that Aliza is determined to finish high school on time and with As and Bs. Aliza wants to attend a community college for 2 years. She then wants to transfer to a UC college and continue studying to get a degree. I have a lot of faith in her and I know she will do wonders in whatever she choose to do. You would be lucky to have her working for you.


Aliza Alvarado

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